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Auto Insurance Comparison by State

It is generally acknowledged fact, that there is a big difference between costs of auto insurance depending on states. That is why auto insurance comparison by state could help car owners to choose cheaper deals from local top companies. That means that driver from Oklahoma state would probably pay more than driver from New Hampshire. That will work even if they have the same conditions and driving records. Before making comparison of quotes on coverage, check rates in the nearest states from such insurers like Wells Fargo Home and Auto Insurance, The General Quotes, Travelers Quotes, Shelter and you will see the difference.

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Auto insurance comparison by state

It is interesting to see comparison of low cost auto insurance by state. This statistics dates are actual for 2012-2016 years and considering all cheapest and the most expensive states of United States of America. According to survey, 10 representatives from each state gave all information regarding prices for auto assurance policy. Coverage for every single person is about 100 000 US dollars yearly. There are several opportunities to take advantage of cheap rates from the nearest companies, like Wells fargo quotes. One of them is online comparison by state or zip code that takes only few minutes. Get cheapest quotes and save on monthly premiums.

Quotes by States

The most expensive state is Michigan. Drivers here used to pay 2 541$ for Standard auto assurance. The second place from list of states is given to Louisiana – about 2 453$ per year. In the middle of the list Indiana and Colorado, which is 1 518$ and 1 508$ respectively. Drivers of State Vermont spend about 995$ per year, which is considered the lowest cost among all states. Experts still are thinking that reason that Vermont placing in the end of list is volume of low traffic and supposing that cost of auto assurance more depends on model of your car than place you driving. You have to appreciate opportunity to invest in car policy if you are not located in such states as Montana, Oklahoma, Michigan or Lousiana. Drivers from these states will never be able to afford several types of additional policies because these are states with the most expensive coverages.

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In addition we advice you to take a chance and get combined policy that saves more on your annual premiums, up to 40%. For example you may save additionally if you combine auto and life insurance or auto and health protection. Average amount of savings could be up to $520 annually. Get quotes online by zip code, using our comparison by states. It saves your time and money. The top auto insurers usually provide only valuable deals online to stay on the top at this market.