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Erie Insurance group is a public company, which provides home, life and auto protection. Also it offers commercial assurance. The Group suggests their products through the network using the help of the firm's personal agents. The Erie widen its operating in 12 states and the District of Columbia. This company also has owning of the Erie Assurance Arena, located in Pennsylvania, downtown Erie. On April, 20, 1925 the Erie Group started its work in the area of auto protection. In 1967 the Erie Family Life Insurance Company was founded. But you can compare our quotes with quotes of some top insurers as well as Erie, ACE American, Progressive, Grange, Nationwide, etc. Get cheap quotes and save up to 40% on auto policy below.

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For example there are some companies which provide better conditions than main part of insurers. We offer you quotes that allows you to save on auto or home coverage. When there is something unexpected with your car on road (an accident or a damage), stay calm with the Erie Group, that everything will be fine. The company's coverage system suggest you reliable protection for affordable quotes. Assurance agents will quickly inform you with car insurance rates and ways of service, while your auto is under repair. To refit your vehicle as quickly as possible is company's aim.

The protection of company covers losses with such kinds of transport as: trailers, retro cars, motorcycles and ATV, mobile homes and commercial vehicles also. Some benefits allows to you to be sure with Erie's representatives work. It is an Assurance Plus program, which cover driving record of a skinner following a crash. Comprehension for Transportation exchange gives to you a chance to keep going, while your car is out of the road! Emergency advantage limits in company higher than other organizations offer.

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You may also choose our home assurance quotes which could help you with insurer. The same situation in Erie with your home and property insurance. As times changed, the assurance company suggests to you a lot of products for people's unique purposes. There are coverages for the following kinds of asset: condominiums, rental, homeowners, seasonal and tenents. If you will speak with your agent about your assurance options, ask him about protection of house's landscape and home content, independent belongings, jewellery, coins, fine arts, some other valuable things. Don't forget to get more information about anti-theft assurance.

Use some additional option of Erie Insurance Group for renters or homeowners. They are: replacement rates, cases of earthquakes, flood, individual catastrophie liability, sewer protection. For making the claim process faster, be ready with the list of repair fields and also you can take photos or video of a crash. To prevent further damage, make all actions needed. For example stop water leaking, when it is a flood. Our policy or Erie insurance will help you to be under a good protection and stay calm about your family members' assurance.

Erie insurance

Some assurancediscounts the group suggests, can help to its customers save money on car protection. For safe skinners there are some needful benefits. In case you are claim-free for three years, your auto policy will not surcharged by insurer. The same is in situation, when your vehicle city-state operated moer than 15 years. If two or more of your autos are under protection, it is time for you to get a multi-car, policy reduction. When your vehicle has special anti-theft, anti-lock devices, you have an opportunity to save money on your car assurance.

Auto protection advantages for young drivers and skinners age 55 and older are also available for Erie's clients. Any time you like it is easy for you to report a claim, because require service operates 24/7. For a good organization of your assurance documents, make a special file for yourself. When any accident will happen, your protection data will help you and your local courier to make claim process faster. It takes minutes to find an emissary and get a vehicle quote. Just enter your ZIP code, address, name of your city.

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