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The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. or Hanover in brief, was founded in 1852 as one of the oldest public companies in the United States. It headquarted in Worcester, Massachusetts with its original name. But in 1990, the organization changed the title and became the Allmerica Property & Casualty Companies. The name «Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. got back to the corporation in 2005, after it turned to one of 500 largest assurance firms in the United States.

Auto Insurance

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To have auto assurance is very important today, because of fact, that there are a lot of cars on the road. Therefore, chances of accidents with your vehicle become higher. To be under a reliable protection, choose insurance company attentively. Compare our quotes with quotes of such companies like Hannover, Safeway, Geico quote, Pemco, Affirmative insurance, Costco, etc. Making your choice with Hanover, you will get quite good service at an affordable quotes.

Some coverage types of Hanover's policy gives are: original equipment, exchange of the newer vehicle, dividends, that are deductible, medical and transportation comprehension, liability. In case you want to get more additional information about car assurance options within your state, enter name of your state into a special box at their website. Here you may also compare quotes on home insurance coverage and combine them with our auto policy.

Home Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Life Insurance

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If you enter your zip code, you get affordable quotes from common insures as well as Western Mutual, GMAC, Esurance auto insurance, etc. The same situation with home assurance coverage as with auto protection is in Hanover. The representatives of company understand, that your own house and all property you have is very valuable for you. Especially essential for every person, who is going to insure his asset are coins, fine arts, jewellery. That's why Hanover Insurance Group provides its customers with flexible protection conditions at an affordable rates.

Some variants of Hanover support are available in Platinum Home Ins (PHE) project. There are such helpful options as: equipment destruction, guaranteed exchange price, roof restoration comprehension, water back-up. To learn more about Hanover home assurance conditions within your state, choose name of your state from suggested list.

Hanover home and auto insurance

You have always an opportunity to contact with your local assurance agent. To find information about the nearest courier you can at company website putting down type of protection (business or personal, home or auto) and ZIP code requaired. Be sure, that we will provide safety future for you and members of your family, it could be Hanover Assurance Company, Esurance or another insurer. With support of Hanover stay on insured wheels of life all the time.

It is easy for every client to suit his personal needs with auto assurance diapason, using the most valuable benefits. The Hanover's Connections Auto protection program suggests some needful options, such as: wayside assistance, medical cash and assurance of independent assurance, trust limits, value-added support. To know for sure what to do when auto accident happened, use Hanover's «In case of an accident Guide» instruction. Keep it with you or put it into your auto, in order to be ready act as quickly as it is possible. This jotting contains all necessary information for you.

Also it is possible for very customer to find affordable quotes online and assurance courier, as well as Hanover in your state or not far from you. Choose type of protection for auto or home (individual or commercial) you are looking for and enter your ZIP code. Use the option MyHanoverPolicy to look through data needed about your city-state account, cash activities or a claim process. You can report a request 24/7. For the customers, who are with Hanover Insurance Group for long time yet, there is a special project named Platinum Experience (PE). It offers a range of quotes and coverages more wider, than a standard assurance program. It includes, for example, new auto replacement guard and second chance crash forgiveness.

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