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The Amax Auto Insurance Company offers their services since 2002. It includes seven primary coverages to make one standard auto insurance policy. Nowadays it's necessary to have a car. Especially for people whose life and job activity connected with the road. When we speak about road, we often think about our and our relations' safety, because driving a car always makes risk. The Amax company is ready to reduce this risk to minimum.

Auto Insurance

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There are three basic principles of the Amax auto protection:

  • great service;
  • affordable rates;
  • convenient location.

According to the second principle, if you choose AAIP (Amax Auto Ins Program) you can get an opportunity and save thousands of dollars on assurance in comparison with the other auto insurance companies.

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Amax auto insurance quote

Amax Company apprecciates their customers and offers them low prices and different auto assurance programs. For example, you can get your free quote online anytime. There are two variants: to get a quote with a license (Texas driver's license) or without having a license. In this case you need such documents as Matricula, Foreign Passport or Foreign driver's license. Start free quote, put your ZIP code into special field above. Or make a call to company's agents in order to get your free quote. Dropping special ZIP code on company's website you can also compare prices of the Amax with rates of other protection departments. Check quotes from other companies like State farm Insurance, Safeway, American Family etc.

CI (Collision assurance) is a type of AAIP (Amax Auto Ins Program). According to the Collision assurance people can choose some cheap insurance deductibles. To make your cost lower just select a higher deductible.

As a car protection service, we offer commercial auto protection, and good quotes for this part of customers. This type of coverage need to have large or small business owners in order to prevent cases of risk with their trucks, for example, or vans. We have huge range of deals, but there is one more benefit of Amax Auto assurance. It is a policy. You have an opportunity to look up your policy or even pay it online in any time you like. Just opt first letters of your policy number and drop it to the special box on website. It is also easy online to get your auto protection card via email and even print your auto protection card.

Amax Insurance Locations

To be closer to their customers the Amax Company realizes the third principle – convenient places. For the first time Amax Ins department headquartered in the heart of Dallas, Texas. But today there are about 75 Amax's offices located statewide. Among these places are:

  • Austin;
  • San Antonio;
  • Waco;
  • Houston;
  • Tyler;
  • Longview;
  • Seguin;
  • Temple;
  • Killeen and some others.

To start saving money you can visit one of our offices and get all information about program and auto insurance quotes. Company's agents are always ready to help you with any question. In order to know location of the nearest Amax's Auto Ins office, just drop your ZIP code.

The Amax is very proud of opening three new departments. One of them is in Ft. Worth area, Dallas, the rest two are in Grand Prairie. The main benefit of new locations is a grate convenience. It is easy to recognize locations, they are in red and yellow colors. You'll never miss the place you can stop and get all necessary information about policy or even issue your vehicle policy.

TDI (Texas Department of Ins) is the only place you can buy your license. No car dealerships.

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